Food trails

A cuisine dominated by rich and savoury flavours that includes dishes such as Brescia casonsei (sausage and cheese filled ravioli), polenta with birds, hare stew, filled pigeon à la Bresciana, persicata, the much praised Violino di Capra goat prosciutto, or rice à la campagnola. But it is the fine perlage of Franciacorta, the champenoise spumante wine, which is definitely the protagonist on the city tables.

Typical Lombard dishes: rice, cheeses and fresh pasta

Which are the typical Lombard dishes? Let’s know more about traditional Lombard cuisine.

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Cantine aperte: Franciacorta

Cantine aperte: Franciacorta in primo piano. Un itinerario alla scoperta della gloria bresciana divenuta famosa in tutto il mondo.

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Lake Garda Gourmet Food Route

This route unwinds along the most elegant bank of the lake, from Sirmione to Limone, and includes the inland hills where three D.O.C. wines are produced: Garda Classico, Lugana and San Martino della Battaglia. Not just wines, but beaches, landscapes, renowned monuments and palaces, restaurants and farmhouses.

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Colli dei Longobardi Wine Route

It takes its name from the Longobards who, after the Romans, made Brescia even more prosperous and rich. The route starts from Brescia to reach the hills and vineyards in the south-eastern part of the city, where Capriano del Colle and Botticino wines are produced.

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Franciacorta Route

80 km unwinding along the splendid vineyards, medieval towers, 16th century palaces, castles, and small villages on the territory between Brescia and the Iseo lake. A territory dedicated to wine and food making from time immemorial, which produces one of the most famous D.O.C.G. in Italy.

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