Tour of Parmigiano Reggiano production sites

Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano organises guided tours Monday to Friday.
Please send your request for a visit via fax or e-mail to Consorzio at least 20-25 days in advance. The visit lasts about 2 hours, but please make sure to be at the Caseificio (production site) at 8-8.10 am so that you can follow the whole production process. All visits are in Italian, but interpreters are available upon request. Visits are free of charge.
Tel. +39 0521292700
Fax +39 0521293441


If you wish to organise a food tasting tour, contact one of the following tourist agencies:


Food valley travel and leisure di Terre emiliane
Viale Fratti, 38/d – Parma
tel. +39 0521798515
email info[@]


Parma incoming
Via Abbeveratoia, 63/a Parma
tel. +39 0521298883
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>info[@]


For visits on other days and times:


Caseificio San Pier Damiani
Via Gazzano, 35
in San Prospero village, about 5/6 km from the city
tel. 0521645181 – 488367 – 3387412566
email: s.delsante[@]
Visiting hours: mornings and afternoons; booking required. Visits are 5 Euros per person. Group fees are available upon request. Parking lot for cars and coaches available.


Azienda agricola biologica Iris
Via Torchio, 12 – 43037 Rivalta di Lesignano de’ Bagni
tel. 0521863653 – 842023 fax 0521350180
email: info[@]
Book your guided tour to the cheese production sites and the stables; you may also taste cheeses and buy local products. Visits at the production site are in the early morning. Visits to farm and stables are 5 Euros per person; visits to the production site are 7 Euros per person; the full tasting tour is 10 Euros per person. Parking lot for cars and coaches available. The stop on the Parma-Lesignano line is only 2.5 km away.


Azienda agricola Ciaolatte
Via Muroni, 28 – 43015 Sanguinaro Noceto
tel. 0521624035 – fax 0521624400
email: ciaolatte[@]
Book a guided tour to the production site to follow the cheese making process that begins in the early morning, but also to visit the farm and taste local products at the producer’s. The farmhouse is also an agritourism facility with rooms to spend the night. Guided tour and food tasting are 10 Euros. The farmhouse can be reached also by bus on the Parma-Salsomaggiore line, stop at Sanguinaro (staff from the farm will shuttle you to the production site).


Azienda agricola Butteri
Via Scipione Passeri, 193 – 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme 33 km dalla città
tel. e fax 0524570722 – 3496697539
email info[@]
The farmhouse also offers guided tours in English. The price ranges from 2 to 3 Euros per person.