The city

Such a charming historic city centre is worth visiting on foot. In Lodi, all the locations of interest are adjacent to one another, enclosed by the remains of the medieval fortified walls dating to the times of Frederick Barbarossa; this was also the age in which began the works for the Cattedrale in Piazza della Vittoria, one of the largest Romanesque buildings in Lombardy. During the Renaissance was built the other jewel of the city, Tempio dell’Incoronata, created in the 15th century by an apprentice of Bramante. There are also examples of contemporary architecture: don’t miss the innovative headquarters of Banco Popolare di Lodi by Renzo Piano. And then just take a bicycle ride: around Lodi there are kilometres of cycling roads in the Adda Sud Park. Don’t forget to stop for a savoury snack, and taste the raspadura, shaved Grana cheese.


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