The city

It is the land of the ‘Cavallino rampante’ and of good food. Modena is the hometown of Enzo Ferrari. Today, his memory is still alive in the museum complex that includes Enzo Ferrari’s house where he was born in 1898 and a new cutting-edge exhibition area in the shape of a car’s bonnet, covered in yellow aluminium hosting the car models that have made Ferrari’s history.But the city is best known for its food: Parmigiano Reggiano, traditional balsamic vinegar, gnocco fritto and tigelle. Modena preserves beautiful monuments, part of UNESCO World Heritage List: the Romanesque Duomo, the Ghirlandina tower, Piazza Grande. Walking on the narrow streets in the centre you will find that shopping is actually a lot of fun, peeping in small workshops, artisan and antique markets, and the Art-Nouveau structure of the covered food market.


Piazza Grande 14
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