The city

Monza is the pivotal city of the busy and green Brianza. It is well known for Longobard architecture as well as its Parco Reale, one of the largest in Italy. A stroll around the city centre is the best way to discover its history: the Duomo, built on the wish of Queen Teodolinda, with its 14th-century, bicolour marble façade, preserves the Corona Ferrea, which according to tradition contains one of the nails of the Holy Cross. The park, which hosts the Autodromo Nazionale where the Formula One Grand Prix takes place, is an excellent opportunity to seize for sport lovers, the ideal place for a walk among century-old trees to relax and take a breath of fresh air. Adjacent to the park, the splendid neoclassical complex of Villa Reale with its elegant English gardens. But Monza is well known also for its cuisine, with its traditional dishes from Lombardy.

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