Reggio Emilia

The city

Reggio Emilia is the city of the Tricolore: here, on January 7th 1797, was announced the establishment of Repubblica Cispadana, the flag of which was to become the national flag in 1848. This event is commemorated in the Sala del Tricolore, designed in 1774 by Ludovico Bolognini, which is still a highly symbolic site for the city and Italy altogether. Reggio Emilia tops the lists of the richest cities with the best quality of life. Cycling around the city is the best way to discover its relaxed atmosphere and its historical and art beauties in its splendid squares. You can also stop by to taste delicious products like Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, but don’t forget to go shopping looking for antique markets or gourmet boutiques.


Via Farini 1/a
Tel. 0522 451152

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Tel. +39 0522 303032
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