Cycling Routes

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In collaboration with FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta) we traced an online map of cycling paths along art cities fit for the quiet traveller, one who cares for the territory and takes the opportunity to discover a fascinating area.
All maps can be downloaded in GPS compatible formats. They can be printed and zoomed in according to your needs.


Questi i 13 Week end da favola:
BERGAMO: pedalando su e giù tra arte e natura
BRESCIA, Franciacorta ed il Lago di Garda
CARPI E LA BASSA MODENESE: storia , arte e cucina nella terra dei Pio e degli Estensi
DA CREMONA A PARMA: da Stradivari a Verdi
DA PARMA A CREMONA: lungo il grande Fiume
DA LODI A MONZA: arte e natura di provincia
DA MONZA A LODI: l’Adda racconta
DA MODENA A REGGIO EMILIA: alla scoperta di preziose città e suggestive campagne
MODENA E LE SUE COLLINE: castelli , colline, sapori e…motori
MIRANDOLA E LA BASSA MODENESE: convivialità , tradizioni e natura tra il Secchia ed il Panaro
DA PAVIA A PIACENZA: spiritualità, gusto ed arte sulle sponde del Po
DA PIACENZA A PAVIA: sulla strada dei pellegrini


Se siete soci FIAB, potete anche aderire a delle gite giornaliere nelle nostre città.



The characteristics of the paths are:

  • Distances and difficulties tailored on ‘non competitive’ cycling tourists
  • A planned length that does not exceed 70 km, for one-day tours (with the exception of intercity paths)
  • Asphalt suitable for good touring bikes (non-asphalted roads are also included as they are less car-busy routes and usually offer suggestive views of the surrounding area)
  • Fascinating natural landscapes in a territory also suitable to those who are not used to travelling by bike
  • Rich art and history both in the city and in the countryside
  • Interesting spots clearly identified


Urban paths:

  • Itineraries designed inside the walls of the historic city with short detours in neighbouring areas

Routes outside the city or clover-shaped routes:

  • Itineraries unfolding in the province of Città d’Arte
  • Itineraries that start and end in the city (maximum length: around 60-70 km)
  • Itineraries mixing bike and train: hop on the train with your bike on your way back

Intercity Paths:

  • These itineraries have been designed to guide tourists by bike along the territory, suggesting quality cycling routes to visit different art cities along the way
  • Intercity paths revolve around the network of Città d’Arte along rivers and canals, ancient Roman roads or pilgrims ways that offer the tourist a very interesting and varied journey lasting a few days


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cicloturismo1The expert suggests

Generally speaking, all itineraries can be completed with good touring bikes with robust and reliable tyres (racing bikes are not suitable; mountain bikes can be used but are not obligatory, because the routes suggested are not difficult, unless when explicitly indicated).

The paths have been designed on roads suitable for bikes, but these roads are also open to other vehicles. Therefore no right of way or ‘special’ protection for cyclists are devised, unless otherwise specified by road signs on site. The tourist is kindly requested to comply with traffic norms.





  • The staff did whatever was in their power not to use busy roads, but portions of these have been necessarily included in the routes because of the lack of suitable infrastructures for cyclists
  • All routes indicated are open to bikers unless otherwise indicated
  • In case any controversy arises, on the part of owners or other right holders, it is necessary to first ask for permission to ride on their route and, in the case of a negative answer, it is advisable to report the problem to local authorities (responsible IAT offices)
  • Despite the fact that FIAB and Circuito Città d’Arte do whatever is in their power to ensure that all information provided by the website is accurate, they take no responsibility in case contradictory information is disseminated
  • FIAB and Circuito Città d’Arte refuse any responsibility, explicit or implicit, as related to the accuracy of information provided by the website itself
  • Please report any error to the responsible IAT office to help us improve our website in case we consider your suggestion feasible